League of Legends metal band releases first single

On the list of “Things that I like,” video game-inspired bands are right up near the top somewhere. Now, I have a new one to listen to: Pentakill, the official band from League of Legends.

The five-piece – Valoran’s most famous (possibly only?) rock band – is made up of various champions from the LoL-verse. Karthus is on vocals, Mordekaiser on guitars, Olaf the drummer, Sona on keyboards, and Yorick handles bass – they’ve all got appropriately rockin’ skins, and they’ve just finished their first single: Lightbringer, off upcoming debut album Smite and Ignite.

(If those vocal stylings sound a little familliar, they’re provided by Norwegian heavy metal singer Jørn Lande, best known for his successful solo career, as well as fronting bands like Masterplan, Vagabond, The Snakes and Ark.)

Just like Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, Pentakill has opted for a big, fat, metal sound – and it’s hit the nail on the head. Even if you’re not a fan of League of Legends, Pentakill should keep metalheads happy (it always makes me laugh when “parody” bands are musically better than their more-serious counterparts…).

Full-length album Smite and Ignite is set for release as a free download from the Pentakill website on June 3 of this year – is this your new gaming soundtrack?

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