Wolfenstein: The New Order – too big to pirate?

There’s a theory that Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s recent success in the Steam best-seller list may have had a little help from an unusual source. Apparently, gamers who intended to pirate the game were turned off by its massive 44GB file size, deciding to buy a legitimate copy after all.

…that said, TorrentFreak is reporting that more than 100,000 gamers have illegally downloaded the latest Wolfenstein regardless, earning the dubious honour of seeing the largest torrent swarms during its first week of release.

Fans faced with days of seemingly-endless downloading had plenty of time to wonder why the file was so big. “Uncompressed graphics textures” was a winning theory, but skeptics suggested that Bethesda had simply padded the game out with junk to make the file too cumbersome to download.

Of course, the file was similarly huge on Steam as well, but Valve‘s CDN system makes it a much easier download. The problem for torrenters wasn’t just the size, but also the fact that immediately after release, nobody was seeding the full game.

That said, it doesn’t seem like MachineGames‘ first take on the classic FPS franchise really needed any help in terms of sales. As well as topping the Steam charts, The New Order represented 25% of all software sales in the UK last week, and is performing well in North America and other regions.

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