PSPlus members get 20 free hours of Battlefield 4

PlayStation Plus members are in line for an FPS treat, with a 20-hour playable trial of Battlefield 4 starting tomorrow for PS3.

…and that’s not “the game will be available for less than a day”, either. It’s 20 playable hours of the 2013 FPS, starting from the moment you start playing.

Potential Battlefield 4 fans are given the opportunity to play a bunch of content from the base game – if you want to check out any of the expansion packs or extra content, you’ll have to fork out a little cash. (However, you can add them to the base game now… we’re not sure what’ll happen to the expansions once the game trial expires.)

Of course, game trials are just one of the perks offered to Plus subscribers, but generally it’s a simple matter of an hour here or a timed availability there. Fingers crossed this is the start of a new era for PlayStation – I’m sure it’ll convince a bunch of people who are on the fence about Plus to sign up.

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