29 What is Bethesda planning for E3?

While we’re sitting here wondering what will be on show at E3 in a couple of weeks, Bethesda spokesperson Pete Hines is busily telling us what won’t be there.

Fallout's Pip Boy

Fallout’s Pip Boy

The VP of PR and Marketing explains simply:

[Bethesda Game Studios] will not be talking about its next game for a long time.

…but is it really as clear cut as all that? Bethesda Game Studios is just one development studio that Bethesda Softworks is known to publish.

We’re assuming that the inevitable Fallout 4 is staying with BGS, who developed Fallout 3, but there are other franchises in the Bethesda Softworks catalogue that are seemingly screaming for an update.

Some obvious ideas come from fellow Zenimax-owned studio id Software, where both Doom 4 and Quake 5 are known to be in development.

Alternatively, there’s still a slim hope that Prey 2 might re-emerge from the shadows, but we’re thinking the already-teased Dishonored 2 might be a safer bet.

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