Meet the new characters from Left 4 Dead: Survivors

Last week, we got a sneaky peek at Left 4 Dead: Survivors, the Japanese adaptation of the popular Valve shooter. Today, we get a few more details on what’s happening – or, more specifically, who it’s happening to.

Left 4 Dead: Survivors

Left 4 Dead: Survivors

None of the original survivors are returning this time around – you can say goodbye to Bill, Coach, Ellis, Francis, Louis, Nick, Rochelle and Zoey. Instead, say hello to Japanese university student Kudo Yusuke, schoolgirl Haruka Hirose (of course!), ex-Navy American bartender Blake Jordan and half-Japanese / half-American tour guide Kirishima Sara.

That’s probably enough character development to create a compelling storyline for Left 4 Dead: Survivors, but there’s one nagging issue. We’ve also been told that the game features the same stages as the original games – that is, stages set in North America. How did this group of people end up in the US? Why were they together?

Why is this game not planned for release outside of Japan?

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