Respawn re-adds Capture The Flag to PC Titanfall

Just last week, Respawn announced that it would be removing two gameplay modes from the PC version of Titanfall, as nobody was playing them. If you were upset, you’re not alone – fan feedback has prompted the re-introduction of Capture the Flag, which will be brought back in an upcoming patch.

Respawn‘s statistics showed that less than 1% of the game’s playerbase were actually playing Capture the Flag mode, leading to over-long wait times and a less-than-stellar gaming experience.

But, it seems that the tiny minority of gamers is either particularly vocal, has vocal friends, or simply hit a nerve in the general population. Respawn reports that “many members of the community” were displeased with the removal of the modes.

Capture the Flag has been a specific point of contention considering we had just made a significant change to how the mode worked (Titans cannot carry flags after the last patch). If you’re just catching up, we made the decision to remove these modes because hardly anyone was playing them and matches were nearly impossible to find.

Following gamer backlash over the exclusion, Respawn has instead been forced to reconsider its approach to matchmaking. Now, the system will start to search further afield if it cannot find you a game within five minutes of searching (yes, 5 minutes). According to the studio, you might end up in a game “with much higher ping than you’re used to”, but the fans have spoken: Playing is preferred to not playing at all!

Remember, this only affects PC gamers – those of you playing Titanfall on Xbox One or Xbox 360, carry on. Nothing to see here.

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