Persona 4 Arena pulled from the European PSN

European Atlus fans have had it rough.  Between major, long delays and simply having many games that make it over the Atlantic, it’s little surprise that European gamers are driven to import their comes from other territories, so that they can enjoy their games in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, another blow to the European Atlus fan base has been dealt today:  Persona 4 Arena, the fighting game based after the events of the popular title Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, has been unceremoniously pulled from the PSN Store.


Talk about knocking the feet of European fans from right under them.

Persona 4 Arena is unique in that the title is actually region-locked on the PlayStation 3, a console known for its region-free nature.  That means that European fighting game fans can’t import a physical copy from Japan or the U.S. and expect it to work.  Thankfully, Europe did receive a physical release for Persona 4 Arena, but the title being pulled from the PSN Store is undoubtedly going to end in a loss of sales.

Worse is the fact that there is no apparent reason for this sudden removal.  A quote from Jawad Ashraf, a member of the PlayStation Store Team, offers little insight:

Persona 4 Arena has been removed from PS Store on request from the publisher. I haven’t been given any information as to why, just that we obliged with the request. Sorry I can’t be more transparent.

Atlus did not self-publish Persona 4 Arena in Europe; instead, publishing team Zen United handled the release.  It’s not clear why Zen United pulled the title, but hopefully more information will become available soon for European fans left out in the cold.

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