Splash Damage (re)announces Dirty Bomb

Remember that game that Splash Damage was working on a while ago, called Dirty Bomb? Remember how its name was changed to Extraction? Well, forget that. The studio’s just changed it back again, so put Dirty Bomb back on your wishlist.

Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb

We’re told the new name will “better fit the game’s unique personality”, and also lends itself better to Twitter hashtags.

In possibly bigger news, Splash Damage has confirmed that international gamers will all get the best possible Dirty Bomb experience, with dedicated servers located in Australia and New Zealand as well as North America and Europe.

Don’t remember the game? Let us fill you in. Dirty Bomb is a competitive online multiplayer first-person-shooter headed your way thanks to Nexon America. Load up the game, pick your mercenary (each one has their own unique personality, weaponry and set of talents), and team up to create a specialised squad hunting down riches and bragging rights.

Yes, it is free-to-play, but the studios involved explain that it’s also free-to-win, so paying money won’t necessarily increase your chances of doing well.

Splash Damage explains the game’s currently in a limited closed beta, which will be ramping up over the coming months. If you want in, head to the revamped website – dirtybombgame.com – and sign up

By the way, we’re promised this will “almost definitely” be the last name change before the game’s launch.

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