Metro Redux coming to Next Gen this summer

Following in the footsteps of The Last of Us PS4 announcement and the rumoured Halo collection for Xbox One, Deep Silver have unveiled Metro Redux. The remastered collection brings Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light to the PS4, PC and Xbox One this summer.

Taking place in a post apocalyptic Moscow, the Metro games were critical darlings that garnered a cult status but were criminally underappreciated by the masses. The games feel like the spiritual successor to the Stalker series and already looked amazing on PC, even before this Redux. The first game, Metro 2033, puts the focus squarely on survival, while Metro: Last Light had a more typical horror/shooter vibe about it.

As part of the Metro Redux players can opt to play either game in “Survival” or “Spartan” mode. This means that if you preferred the resource focused survival elements of the first Metro title, you can now play Last Light with those game mechanics and vice versa. The collection also includes all previous DLC for the games, amounting to an additional 10 hours of content.


Metro Last Light was already a stunning game, so we welcome this news with open arms.

Both games now use an enhanced version of Last Light’s game engine boasting improved textures, rendering and lighting effects. The console versions of the titles will run at a delightful 60 frames per second. Each game will be available individually via digital stores, or as part of the Redux collection. A boxed retail version will also be released, but is expected to cost more (it’s priced 39.99, but I don’t have an Australian dollar price, as of yet) which is fair considering the manufacturing/distribution costs associated with selling a game at retail versus online.

So far there is no concrete release date, instead Deep Silver simply stated that the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the Metro titles will be available this summer, with dedicated Linux and SteamOS versions to follow later in the year.

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