Child of Light floats over to Vita this July

If you liked the look of Child of Light but weren’t so fond of the whole “sitting in front of a screen” thing, Ubisoft has found a solution. The turn-based RPG is now headed to PlayStation Vita as well, so you’ll be able to help Aurora in her quest while you’re on the bus.

Described as a “playable poem” and an interactive watercolour painting, Child of Light puts you into the mystical world of Lemuria. You play as Aurora, a young princess tasked with winning back the sun, the moon and the stars, after the Queen of the Night stole them away.

It’s Ubisoft‘s take on the RPG genre, blending platforming and clever, turn-based combat with a rich storyline, stunning artwork and a very solid, piano-based soundtrack.

The creative art style came thanks to the UbiArt Framework, which sees developers easily able to drop original concept art straight into the game – and with pieces heavily influenced by the golden age of illustration, the end result is stunning.

The portable Child of Light will launch in two formats on July 2nd – a digital edition that you’ll be able to download directly, and a boxed “Complete Edition”, packed with a bonus quest, a new character and a stack of collectible items.

If you can’t wait, the game is currently available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC, but playing those versions on public transport miiight be a bit more awkward.

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