Nintendo officially ends Wi-Fi Connection service

Nintendo has officially shut down the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, effectively ending online services for a whole bunch of Wii and DS games.

Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart DS will lose its online functionality

If you think this is poor timing given the recently announced GameSpy shutdown, truth is that they’re actually connected. Nintendo used Glu Mobile‘s server technology to power online play for its previous generation of devices. With GameSpy shutting down this week, Nintendo has no choice but to do the same.

A public statement reads:

We at Nintendo sincerely thank our fans for their continued support of our company’s legacy systems. Your enthusiasm for games made for these systems speaks to their longevity and the passion of Nintendo fans.

Online play, matchmaking and leaderboards have all got the chop, while the company has promised the Wii Shop Channel, Nintendo DSi shop, Internet Channel, DS Browser, DSi Browser and online streaming services will remain open.

For the full list of Nintendo-published games, take a look at the official website – but keep in mind, titles from other publishers may or may not have publicly used the service, but are unlikely to be playable online from today regardless.

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