Tomodachi Life trailer tells it how it is

Against my somewhat better judgement, I have been playing quite a bit of Tomodachi Life and I can honestly say that this video is a terrifyingly accurate representation of what actually goes on in-game.


Bear with us as we ignore the same-sex relationship controversy (which Nintendo kinda fumbled before dealing with more admirably), and sink far too much valuable time into interacting with little people.

The Miis on my island are roughly based on Player Attack team members, and I can confirm that yes, they’re forever asking for new hats, casual clothes, “something sour” to eat, or introductions to fellow islanders.

It’s great fun – stay tuned for our review on Player Attack in a couple of weeks… or if you’re already convinced, sit tight: Tomodachi Life launches in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand from June 6th.

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