World of Warcraft gets Crash Course class videos

Gamers who pre-order the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, are given the opporutnity to jump straight to level 90, bypassing all that annoying “gameplay” stuff. Blizzard understands that this might be a bit of a culture shock for new players, and so the studio’s released a series of Crash Course guides to get you started.

Each video is bitesized, and offers an idea of which spells you can cast with your newfound L90. Of course, World of Warcraft isn’t quite something you can just pick up in its entirety from one three-minute video, but these should give you a bit of an idea, at least.

Crash Course: Death Knight

Crash Course: Druid

Crash Course: Hunter

Crash Course: Mage

Crash Course: Monk

Crash Course: Paladin

Crash Course: Priest

Crash Course: Rogue

Crash Course: Shaman

Crash Course: Warlock

Crash Course: Warrior

…forgive the video-heavy post, but there are 11 different classes in World of Warcraft, and missing out even one of them is a terrible suggestion. Here – you get all of them!

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