Flappy Bird creator teases new game on Twitter

It’s been three months since Flappy Bird disappeared from our lives, but developer Dong Nguyen has announced that he’s coming back. Last week, it was rumoured the game would return too, but today, Nguyen is showing off an in-progress image from a different project.

Dong Nguyen's follow up to Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen’s follow up to Flappy Bird

Nguyen tweeted:

I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.

…of course, he offered no explanation or further information to go with the image other than the earlier promise of multiplayer elements, so we’re left to our own devices about what exactly it represents.

With Flappy Bird one of the most popular mobile games of recent times, Nguyen’s efforts to turn his back on it are confusing many gamers. The developer explained that his game had become “too addictive” before he pulled it from sale back in February, something that developers often consider to be a success, rather than a failure.

Keeping that in mind, we’re then not sure what to expect from the follow-up to Flappy Bird. Will it be as addictive as the earlier game? Wait and see.

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