NBA 2K14 players unlock limited edition Nikes

Nike and 2K Sports have released a limited edition pair of kicks, and the only way to get your hands on them (or your feet in them) is by playing a whole lot of NBA 2K14.

The LeBron 11 2K14

The LeBron 11 2K14

There are only 2,014 pairs of these red-and-leopard shoes – the LeBron 11 2K14 – and they’ve already been accounted for (the bizarre print has been designed to symbolise “the heart of a lion”, by the way). Pre-order opportunities were strictly limited to gamers – specifically, those who had played at least 60 games of MyCareer Mode, earned an elite ranking, designed their own shoe and who chose the Nike sponsorship path. This worked out to around 80 hours of playtime, says Nike, who offered the lucky fans the chance to pre-order the $220 pair of shoes.

According to the shoe company, this is the first physical basketball shoe to be unlocked via a video game. The deal came around in recognition of LeBron James taking cover star status on NBA 2K14 – the shoes are a special version of the LeBron 11, designed to mark James’ 11th year in the NBA.

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