Ultra Street Fighter 4 coming in June

Ah, Capcom, you crafty devils are at it again! For all you kids still throwing Hadoukens and charging up Flash Kicks in what is still essentially 2008’s Street Fighter IV (don’t get me wrong SF IV is great), Capcom has something for you! A new prefix for the seminal fighting franchise and with it some new (old) characters!

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 update will be launching June 3rd through the PlayStation Network and XBOX Live, Capcom announced today.

Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition owners will be able to upgrade to this new mouthful for $14.99 (USD) or if you’re a sucker for psychical media, wait till August 5 to grab it for $39.99 (USD).
Grabbing the retail release will also net you all the content released in the previous updates (characters, costumes and stages), just FYI.

As your bloodshot peepers will attest to after watching the trailer above, Ultra Street Fighter IV will add 5 new characters to the roster (Elena, Hugo, Rolento, Poison and newcomer Decapre) which bolsters the roster to 44 strong. The update will also include the mandatory balancing of fighters, as well as six new battle environments and some new game modes.

Pre-ordering will also score you variant costumes for the new characters but I’m sure they become available in the next update Ultra Super Street Fighter IV: New Challengers Third Strike Arcade Edition Plus…

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