GOG.com Insomnia Sale will keep you awake at night

The folks at GOG.com are notoriously fond of doing things differently whenever possible. This week, the online retailer is running what they call an “Insomnia Sale”, where limited copies of games are heavily discounted. As soon as the allocation sells out, a new title is revealed.

With the company officially making the very act of selling games into a game itself, it’s unsurprising that fans are in love with the Insomnia Sale. How in love? We’re told that, within just 48 hours, roughly 90,000 games were sold, and GOG has shared a few more impressive stats with us:

  • Quickest game to go? Theme Park sold at almost 3 copies per second!
  • Fastest Moving Genre – RPGs have beaten out Adventure games by a whisker.
  • Classics or new games? – This battle has been really close and could swing ether way before the promo ends; right now indies have the upper hand in terms of faster sales and money earned.
Theme Park

The original Theme Park

This was meant to be a very short promotion, but as we all know, gamers love a bargain, so it’s sticking around a bit longer. If you want a chance to get a great game at up to 90% off (no, that’s not a typo – save up to ninety percent), head to GOG.com right now and see what’s there. (If you’re lucky, there’s also a chance to snag a free game!)

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