The Sims 4 creation tools deeper than ever

Maxis have just released a trailer detailing the new character creation system in The Sims 4 and it looks like you’ll be able to take that marginally creepy fixation of creating tiny, odd sounding people to a whole new level!

Instead of having to navigate a plethora of menus, adjusting sliders and changing values like your trying to solve Fermats Enigama, you can now just grab bits and just go to work like a god! In the trailer, producer Ryan Vaughan shows how you can directly manipulate features just by dragging and clicking, ranging from a broad body shape to minute details like cheek bones and brow wrinkles.

“With a variety of facial features I have to play with, I can finally create Sims that look like they truly come from around the world,” Vaughan said.

Players can also tweak things like how a Sim walks, talks and even their personality, fears and aspirations. It’s just like being a parent…only you can burn the house down with no consequences when they disappoint you for the last time!

The Sims 4 is expected to launch by October this year but keep your eyes peeled here for more updates.

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