Among the Sleep coming to PS4, Project Morpheus

Finally, we’re being given the chance to take on the role of a two-year old child inside a game. Among the Sleep is, believe it or not, a first-person horror adventure where you play as a frightened toddler trying to make sense of the world – and it’s headed to PS4 real soon now.

Among the Sleep started out as a student project, and has since snowballed into something much bigger than the team at Krillbite had ever imagined.

You are trying to make sense of the darkened house that is the world as you know it, with a completely different take on “horror” than the one we’re used to. Atmosphere and exploration play a major role here, rather than combat. With your trusty teddy bear companion, your task is to unravel what is actually causing things to be so terrifying… and if you think a two-year-old’s mind is only going to see things that are really there, think again.

Krillbite CEO Ole Andreas Jordet explains that a recent Kickstarter for the game raised nearly US$250,000, which has boosted the little student project into a much bigger realm.

As a young and small indie studio from the northern outskirts of Europe, working on our first big project ever, this feels incredible. We’ve always wanted to explore the game medium, and maybe even contribute towards making it a more diverse place, but we did not expect the project to receive this much positive response.

The developers are “getting close”, says Jordet, who remains coy on an actual release date. He can however, announce that Among the Sleep is indeed headed to PlayStation 4 – and it will be exploring VR technology Project Morpheus, as well.

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