Human Element signs PC publishing deal with Nexon

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Robotoki and its ambitious debut title Human Element, but now the folks at Nexon have shed a little more light on what’s going on.

Specifically, the company behind MapleStory is taking on publishing rights for Robotoki‘s zombie-infested MMO, promising to take the game worldwide when it launches in late 2015.

Human Element

Human Element

While most games of this genre start shortly after whatever event triggered the undeat outburst, Human Element is set 35 years after the zombie apocalypse. You are – of course – a survivor, in an open-world sandbox version of this dystopian future, and the threat doesn’t come so much from the zombies as from your fellow humans.

Combining resource management with action and strategy, you’re invited to choose a role – a protector? a scavenger? a threat? – and play out your new life.

Human Element is being developed using the CryEngine, so you know it’ll look amazing, and even though it’s an online only experience, it’ll make use of both streaming and segmented worlds, hoping to provide high visual fidelity in the MMO space.

We last caught up with Robotoki back in 2012, when we interviewed Robert Bowling about what the ex-Call of Duty lead strategist was planning with his new company.

Early last year, Nexon bought into the company, labelling it a “strategic investment“, but this is the first result we’ve heard from that union.

Human Element is actually the second Western-developed game that Nexon has picked up recently: The publisher is also handling Extraction from Splash Damage, described as a spiritual successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

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