Maleficent teased as new Disney Infinity character

Disney fans are already super-excited for Disney Infinity 2.0, what with all of those Marvel super heroes and all… but there’s even more where that came from, with the studio teasing something wicked this way comes.

Disney Infinity: Who could that be?

Disney Infinity: Who could that be?

If you’re in San Francisco on May 28th – and if you’re a member of Disney’s D23 – you’re invited to check out the next chapter of Disney Infinity! The highlight of the evening, obviously, is the special presentation from the development team, but if you stick around afterward, you’ll be treated to a sneaky early screening of Maleficent, the upcoming film from Walt Disney Studios.

…on your way out, you’ll be treated to a limited edition Disney Infinity gift (three guesses what that might be?).

Obviously demand is going to be super-high for this one – if you’re a D23 member, you’d better get in quick! Free tickets are available from May 16th.

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