Final Fantasy III set for re-release on Steam

Don’t want all this newfangled gameplay? Just want something comfy and familiar, but better than it once was? Well, Square Enix is coming to your rescue, promising PC gamers a freshly polished version of Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III was the first title in the series to sell more than one million copies. The storyline focusses on restoring balance to the fantasy world – something that can only be achieved by collecting four sentient crystals.

First released in 1990 in Japan, this isn’t the first re-release we’ve seen of the RPG – an earlier version hit the DS handheld back in 2007, but this new edition has even more bells and whistles. Set to hit Steam in the not-so-distant future, you can expect improved 3D visuals and story sequences, freshly-designed Job Mastery Cards, and the introduction of both Steam Trading Cards and achievements.

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