Sinestro to bring his Blackest Night to Infinite Crisis on May 21

DC comics crack at a MOBA, Infinite Crisis, is set to add fear powered, Salvador Dali mustache sporting, bad arse Yellow Lantern Sinestro to its core of playable champions May 21.

For all you folk who don’t know the wonderfully convoluted lore of the Lanterns, Sinestro is the antithesis of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Once a Green Lantern and mentor to Hal, Sinestro turned to fear and oppression to exact order and subsequently got booted into anti-matter jail, where he became the evil B.A.M.F he is today!

In the MOBA, Sinestro is a “Blaster” character with low health and high attack damage. Relying on debuffs and ranged attacks is the way to play this character and turn that Brightest Day into a Blackest Night!

DC’s Infinite Crisis is a F2P MOBA in BETA stage, that can be downloaded here.

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