New Titanfall DLC map Swampland unveiled

With the upcoming Expedition DLC pack for Titanfall just around the corner, Respawn Entertainment have given us a candid glimpse at the last map included in the pack, the aptly named Swampland.

Just like it sounds, it’s based in a swamp (no points for guessing that one) but what distinguishes it from previous maps so far is its shift in focus away from parkouring over man made, concrete jungles and into an actual jungle…swamp…swamp jungle.

Titanfall mechs getting back to nature

Titanfall mechs getting back to nature

From a detailed blog post written by Respawn Entertainment designer Chris Dionne, we know the map originally, much like all the others, had players bouncing over massive urban infrastructures, albeit with this map featuring forest sections on the outer limits of the map.

Dionne explained “while that structure created clearly defined paths and gave Pilots safe havens and places to wall-run, the level lost its personality.” During play testing is when Dionne realized it was the dense tree sections that had taken centre stage “They were a blast! Titans dodging around massive trunks; Pilots jumping from tree-to-tree like ninjas”.

“I shifted the dense forest section to the center of the map, and kept three main structures as anchor points around the perimeter. This encouraged Pilots and Titans to pass through the woods as they moved from building to building. The final design push then focused on small changes to enhance those interactions – adjusting sight lines, making interiors more interesting to fight over, encouraging flow, and so on.”

An idea for the Swampland map had been on the back burner since 2011 but had been shelved for “almost two years”. It wasn’t until the game had hit completion that Dionne decided to bring it to fruition. You can get a little looky lou into the design process in the video below.

The Expedition DLC for Titanfall will release later this month (no word yet on whether that’s true for all platforms though) with War Games and Runoff being the other two maps included. The DLC will launch at $10 (USD) and for those of you who can get enough of EA’s mech stomping FPS can always opt for the $25 (USD) season pass to snag the other 2 DLC’s for a discounted price.

Thing I’m most psyched to see is how long it takes players to start re-enacting the Endor battle scene from Return of the Jedi, you know, just with the Ewoks loosing this time!

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