World of Tanks update 1.2 rolling out for Xbox 360

Do you like tanks?! Do you like MMO’s?! Do you prefer Microsoft’s black box over it’s confusing new operating systems?! Well, World of Tanks has just rolled out its 1.2 update for the Xbox 360 and with has brought a whole slew of tank related awesomeness!

For starters the update adds, wait for it, more tanks! Specifically the Soviet Premium Tanks (Valentine II, Matilda IV, IS-6, SU-122-44 and Churchill III, for all you tank-ophiles out there) and American Tank Destroyers (M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T25/2, T28 Prototype, T30 and T110E4). With more hulking metal death machines, one must also add more guns and Wargaming did just that, with a variety of new loadout packages to make you the most feared of the diesel powered death machines!

Not enough? Need more? How about 2 more maps, Fisherman’s Bay and Abbey, and a Weather Variant System! Come rain, shine, snow or darkness, your tank will be king of the dirt mound!…or a smoldering pile of scrap iron. Why waste anymore time browsing pictures of kittens on the internet? I’ll see you on the battlefield comrade!

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