Watch_Dogs trailer introduces Chicago residents

Chicago is a bustling metropolis in the near-future, so it doesn’t make sense that we’ve only really met Watch_Dogs‘ Aiden Pearce. Happily, Ubisoft is able to make things right, with a brand new trailer showing off a bunch of other characters who’ll be appearing in the game’s version of the Windy City.

Some are friends, some are enemies, and we’re warned that some will “blur the line”. The city is packed with more than 3 million bodies, but there’s a very small handful that you can trust – it’s important to know who’s got your back.

Watch_Dogs is due out later this month (!!), hitting PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One from May 27th. A Wii U version is also in the works, but is still a while off.

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