Tex Murphy is back in Tesla Effect

Tex Murphy has been away for 16 years, believe it or not – but the last of the old-school detectives is finally back, as Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure hits Mac and PC.

It’s post-World War III San Francisco, and it’s time to get reacquainted with a world of dangerous dames, “morally ambiguous characters”, more mysteries than you can poke a stick at, and – of course – plenty of FMVs.

The last time we saw Tex, it was 1998, and we played through Tex Murphy: Overseer. This time, he’s literally back thanks to popular demand – Tesla Effect was first crowdfunded and then picked up by publisher Atlus. It’s packed with five different endings and an impressive cast of voice actors (including Larry “Soup Nazi” Thomas and the original Tex, Chris Jones), and promises pure fan service.

Want in? Tesla Effect is available now via GOG, the Mac App Store and Steam.

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