29 Nintendo promises new NFP project at E3

Nintendo will be showing off a brand new NFC product at next month’s E3. The project doesn’t seem to have a name as yet, but promises the now-familiar base + figurine combo we’ve seen in games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders.

Nintendo's NFP project

Nintendo’s NFP project

The project is headed to both Wii U and the eDS family, with scant details dropped as part of Nintendo‘s most recent investor briefing.

Analyst David Gibson mentions that the product lineup will be known as Nintendo Field Platform – NFP for short, and will also enable the ability to share save files. While the figurines will require an external infrared device for the 3DS, they will use the native NFC capabilities of the Wii U GamePad. Only one other game has used that technology to date – Nintendo‘s own Pokemon Rumble U.

The product has reportedly been in development for more than a year now, with Nintendo planning to show off a handful of tie-in titles this year at E3. And yes, we’ve already seen a Mario figurine, suggesting that the plumber will be among the first characters to make the jump.

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