Grand Theft Auto Online: High Life DLC incoming

Brace yourself, Grand Theft Auto Online is about to get a big chunk of long-awaited new content, as the High Life DLC update is rolled out on May 13th.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

Finally, your character’s being given the opportunity to move up in the world – specifically, into the busy lifestyle of a real estate baron.

The update features multi-property ownership (and new high-end apartments), as well as new vehicles, clothing and weaponry. Don’t get too excited – “multi-property” is being used in its absolute minimalist sense, and you’ll only be able to own two properties. But hey: That’s twice as many as you can own now, right?

There’s also a new statistic added to the GTA Online user interface. “Mental State” publicly measures how antisocial you act in game. We don’t mean that it keeps track of how much time you spend in the basement playing video games rather than interacting with people – instead, the game should now show you whether or not your servermates are passive or “psychotically unhinged”. It’s just a nice way of letting you know whether or not you should have that Bullpup Rifle handy when chatting to people.

Grand Theft Auto Online requires Grand Theft Auto V, and the update is due out May 13th.

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