Link goes all genocidal in Hyrule Warriors

So if you could think of two franchises that would never mish-mash into one another I’m pretty sure The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors was… not even on that list because it’s just so absurd. However, it’s happening. Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have joined forces and are bringing the Zelda brawler/slasher to the Wii U this summer in Japan, with no word on a western release as of yet.

From watching the teaser video and recently playing Tecmo Koei’s Monster Hunter “clone”, Toukiden, I have to wonder if it plays out a bit more like that than Dynasty Warriors. It certainly seems as though there are big beasties to hunt and expansive areas to explore, while you rid the world of every moblin man, woman and child. As a fan of both series, this announcement has me… well, baffled… but also intrigued.

Here’s hoping this is the start of more branching out into the big, scary world of third party partnerships for the big N.

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