Destiny: The most expensive game ever made?

Activision are really expecting Bungie to bring home the bacon this September. In an interview with ReutersActivision CEO Bobby Kotick stated that Destiny has cost over $500,000,000 to develop. That’s a lot of zeroes.

Development budgets of triple A titles are getting bigger and bigger. But at 500 million dollars, Destiny easily beats out previous contender GTA V, which cost roughly 275 million to develop. Analysts have stated that Destiny will need to sell between 15 and 16 million copies at $60 a piece, in order to recoup Activision’s investment. I now see why the game is coming out on basically every device under the sun… barring the obvious PC release. *Sigh*


Bungie’s spiritual successor to the Halo franchise needs to make a good first impression.

Considering the long term investment and goals both Bungie and Activision have for Destiny, including a ten year contract for extra content, it seems likely that the companies plan to use additional content as a means to get back their cash dolla.

In other Destiny news, Activision’s financial report also made note that Destiny’s beta would take place this July. The beta will launch first on Playstation platforms before moving to Microsoft consoles. Destiny launches worldwide September 9th on the platforms specified.

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