Destiny dev diary shows off its arsenal

You’re getting closer and closer to meeting your Destiny this November (the video game, that is), and Activision is slowly-but-surely releasing bits and pieces to make sure you’re thoroughly interested in their latest project. Today? A developer diary, focussing on armour, weapons and the all important loot.

Destiny‘s weaponry comes in three (broad) categories. Things like autorifles (including burst-fire pulse rifles) and hand cannons fit under the “Primary” label. “Heavy” is rockets, belt-fed machine guns and other weapons with some heft to them, while “Special” includes your typical shotguns and sniper rifles.

Don’t go thinking these are boring, standard, day-to-day weapons, either – these are shotguns that spew fire, fusion rifles that’ll melt your head…

Developer Bungie has taken great pains to make sure that each weapon in the game has its own unique look, feel and lore – even though there’s a lot of them in game, each one has been hand-tuned to make sure it fits in with the Destiny fiction.

You’ve still got a while to wait before you can get your hands on all this firepower – Destiny hits around the world in September. Before then, we’re guessing Activision will probably show it off at E3 next month, so there should be plenty of news to tide you over real soon.

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