Warcraft movie "not just straightforward fantasy"

With the news that the Warcraft movie was getting ready to finish filming, we’ve gathered up a few more details about just what’s going on with Blizzard‘s cinematic adaptation.

Draenor: Concept art from the Warcraft movie

Draenor: Concept art from the Warcraft movie

Thomas Tull is CEO of Legendary Films, and he explains that while two years of post-production (taking the raw footage and turning it into a polished film) is a little unusual, director Duncan Jones has good reasons for taking his time with this one.

Partly, he says, it’s “getting the date right” – the 2015-16 cinematic calendar is already dotted with major releases (including Star Wars VII, which has already caused Warcraft to be pushed back).

Tull says this time it’s more than that, however:

We wanted to make sure that we got that right, but there are some sequences and some things that Duncan Jones has done that are truly on the cutting edge. You want to have plenty of time to make sure that we dial those in. So by the time they get home and set up, it’ll be a little less than two years. It’ll be about 20 months but we really want to take our time and get this right because the technology that’s employed really is some next generation stuff.

Tull goes on to explain to CraveOnline that Warcraft is a more linear story than Duncan Jones’ previous mind-benders Source Code and Moon, but at the same time, “It’s Duncan Jones,” so fans should expect more than “just straightforward fantasy”.

Warcraft is due to hit cinemas in March 2016, but we’re anticipating more information to start popping up around BlizzCon 2014 in November.

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