Blizzard re-releases its earliest games for free

Blizzard has quietly released two more games, for free. Neither title is exactly what you’d call new, though – we first saw them pop up more than two decades ago.

The Lost Vikings

The Lost Vikings

We are, of course, talking about The Lost Vikings and Rock ‘n Roll Racing, which have joined Blackthorne as free downloads on Blizzard‘s service.

If you’ve not played them before, brace yourselves. These two games come from an era well before World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 or Hearthstone.

Erik, Olaf and Baleog are The Lost Vikings, starring in their very own sidescrolling platformer. It’s still a single-player affair, and you are able to control all three vikings – but you can only look after one at a time.

Rock ‘n Roll Racing is different again – a racing game taken to early-90s extremes. You’ll have a car, yes, but you’ll also have missiles and landmines – and a glorious, dystopian landscape to hurtle around.

…in case you missed Blackthorne when it was re-released recently, it’s another 3D platformer, but it’s not as lighthearted as the Vikings – instead, an exiled king has returned to his home planet, armed only with a pump-action shotgun to fight off the many monsters.

Rock 'N Roll Racing

Rock ‘N Roll Racing

If you want in on all of this (because why not grab ’em all?), it’s a simple matter of logging into, navigating to the “Download Game Clients” page, and scrolling down. Somewhere beneath all the newfangled glitz, glamour and next-gen, you’ll find these terrible three, waiting for you.

Early reports suggest that the re-release is pretty much what you’d expect – the original games now able to run on modern machines – but we are hearing that the stellar soundtrack that accompanied Rock ‘n Roll Racing may be a casualty, now including just three songs.

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