Captive Minecraft offers a new way to play… Minecraft

Minecraft has had its fair share of mods:  From RPG-like experiences to simple texture packs, the immensely popular game seems to have no shortage of ways to enjoy it.  However, this new mod, called Captive Minecraft, makes clever use of the world border feature (a new feature that will be debuting in Minecraft 1.8).  In Captive Minecraft, you start in a tiny, 1X1 box, which grows a little each time you unlock an achievement.  Working within the confines given will not be easy…

You can download Captive Minecraft from the Player Attack file library.  However, in order to play it now, you’ll also have to download the test patch for Minecraft 1.8, which contains the world borders feature that the mod is dependent on, from Mojang’s official website.

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