Battlefield 4 adds Squad Join beta

DICE has confirmed that big things are on the way for Battlefield 4. The long-overdue Squad Join feature is currently in beta testing for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One – and you can jump in right now.

The company explains in a blog post:

This is something we know our fans have been asking for – and something we wish we could have provided at launch – so we are now happy to present the first iteration of Squad Join.

The addition is simple: You’re given the ability to set up a squad of up to five players before joining a multiplayer game. This squad will join the game together, and stick in a group even after the round has ended.

Want in? Select “Squad Join Beta” in the Battlefield 4 multiplayer menu, and you’ll see a list of active squads (this is also where you can add your own). Make your choice, initiate quickmatch, and you – and your squadmates – are good to go.

If you leave your squad later and want to rejoin it, you can jump right in (providing there’s a free slot) – this will see you join the squad and the current match at the same time.

Squad Join is currently only available in the base game maps, and only if you want to play Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Rush or Dominion modes. Additional map/mode support is coming soon, as DICE explains that this is just the first iteration of the oft-demanded feature. Additional bits and pieces are already in the works as a response to player feedback. The next version (with tweaks and updates) is expected to launch alongside the Dragon’s Teeth DLC a little later this year.

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