Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – more details

So, that big Call of Duty reveal kinda didn’t really happen, what with the trailer hitting the airwaves somewhat earlier than expected. But still, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is in development, headed to shelves in November – and Activision‘s filled us in on what’s in store.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing explains:

We’ve made several key decisions with an eye towards creative excellence on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We’ve really approached this game differently. This is our first three-year development cycle. It’s our first time with Sledgehammer Games at the creative helm. And we’re shaking up the formula in several ways. New core gameplay mechanics with the exoskeleton suit. A riveting new story. An iconic new character played by one of the world’s best actors in Kevin Spacey. We’re having a lot of fun making this game, and we think the world is going to have even more fun playing it.

First things first: Kevin Spacey.
He plays Jonathan Irons, founder of Atlas Corporation – the world’s largest Private Military Corporation (PMC). Atlas is hired by countries to look after an assortment of military duties that the armed forces may be inappropriate for.

Promising a “groundbreaking experience that’s ripped-from-the-headlines-of-tomorrow,” CoD: Advanced Warfare is set in 2054, where these PMCs are all the rage. Atlas seems to have the power to rescue humanity after a global attack on its military and infrastructure – but is the company really the saviour we need?

You play an advanced soldier, wrapped in a cutting-edge exoskeleton and equipped with all the latest high-tech gear and technological enhancements. Join a highly-trained, specialised unit and start restoring order.

Kevin Spacey, who lent his likeness, voice and acting abilities to the game:

It’s been a lot of fun working with the team to bring Jonathan Irons to life. The technology is truly remarkable and unlike anything I’ve done before. I’m excited to see where this goes.

CoD: Advanced Warfare is being designed with next-gen consoles and PCs in mind, and the debut lead title from Sledgehammer Games is enjoying the extra freedom offered by a three-year development cycle.

If this sounds like you, get in touch with your local games retailer and pre-order your copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare today – the game’s set to launch on November 4th, but there’s nothing like getting ready nice and early.

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