Australian Classification ratings hint at more VC titles

The Australian Classification Board has been a good source of information about digital releases lately, and the board has rated two more retro titles, this time for the Nintendo 3DS.  There has been an unfortunate lack The two Game Boy Color games are both titles courtesy of NatsumeHarvest Moon 3 and Lufia: The Legend ReturnsHarvest Moon 3 is well known for allowing you to be either a boy or girl (and the genders were originally separate releases in Japan); meanwhile, Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third and final main entry to the Lufia series, and has a rather unique battle system and ever-changing dungeons.

The Legend Return's dialogue is... not one of its strong suits.

The Legend Return’s dialogue is… not one of its strong suits.

These games are not yet confirmed for release on the 3DS Virtual Console, but given the track records of these ratings corresponding to announcements about said games, we can likely expect a announcement from Natsume sooner rather than later.

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