Team Fortress 2 celebrates Free Comic Book Day!

May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day 2014! Even if you’re not planning on heading out to your local comics emporium, you can still get in on the complimentary graphic action. It’s all thanks to Valve.

Team Fortress 2 - Catch Up Comic

Team Fortress 2 – Catch Up Comic

The publisher has released a brand new, online-only Team Fortress digital comic, designed specifically to bring everybody up to speed on seven years of backstory. Whether you’ve never heard of TF2 before, or you’re a seasoned player, today’s release is perfect.

The free TF2 Catch-Up comic does exactly what it says – gives new readers an opportunity to catch up quickly, so they can jump into the ongoing quarterly Team Fortress comic series.

Alternatively, it’s only in its third issue, you could always read the backissues…

If you’ve somehow missed the memo, Team Fortress 2 first hit shelves back in 2007 as part of the Orange Box. Since then, the cartoon action game has become one of the most popular online titles of all time. These days, it’s completely free to play, and kept regularly updated with new maps, equipment, gear, short movies and – of course – comics!

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