PS4 Update 1.70 is here

If you’ve turned on your PS4 between yesterday and today, you will likely be aware that long awaited update 1.70 is here. So what exactly has it brought. Let’s detail the changes here:


Yep, that’s right. You can now output to capture cards and DVR systems if you want to do longer videos or Let’s Plays. All you have to do is knock the HDCP option off.


You can now choose what quality you would like to stream your Twitch and Ustream videos at. This is handy if you have a great connection and want to let everyone check out your clips in glorious full HD. It’s just as handy if, like me, you have a horrendous and sporadic connection and are only able to stream a stable video at 480p.

480p streams for all!!! ... well, all with crappy connections anyhow...

480p streams for all!!! … well, all with crappy connections anyhow…

You can also archive streams you’ve been watching, to view at a later stage.


Possibly the most anticipated feature in this update is Share Factory – Sony’s brand new video editing suite, available exclusively on the PS4. It’s a fully featured suite and after using it for about 5 minutes, I was able to put together this pretty shoddy little video.

Not bad considering, eh? Also, you can now export your saved videos to USB storage. This of course means that as well as using Share Factory, it’s now easier than ever for players to edit their videos – even when using external programs on a PC, like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier.


Watch_Dogs is the first title to make use of this new feature. Pre-ordering the game will allow you to download the files prior to release. The game will then activate upon release. This feature was previously available on the PS3 and next-gen owners were baffled that it was not featured as part of the new system at launch.


You can now turn the brightness of the light bar down, extending the DS4's battery.

You can now turn the brightness of the light bar down, extending the DS4’s battery.

That pesky light bar is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to draining the DS4’s already limited battery life. You can now adjust the brightness of the light itself and even turn it off completely. While this might be seen as a small addition, this has extended my controllers battery life from about 8 hours, to over 24 hours. Nice.


Additional voice commands allow users to open selected apps, such as Music Unlimited, using the Playstation Camera.


You can now stack your trophies not only in order of date played or name. You can now also sort your trophies by Rarity, which means you can strive to get those uber elusive trophies, that the community are having major trouble with.

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