CCP dedicates Icelandic monument to EVE Online

This week marks another CCP FanFest, celebrating the studio behind EVE Online, EVE Valkyrie and DUST 514. This time around, it’s left a more lasting impression on Reykjavik, Iceland – a huge, stone monument dedicated to the in-game universe.

A monument to EVE Online

A monument to EVE Online

Tucked away underneath the sculpture is a time capsule, bursting with messages and videos from the denizens of New Eden, but that’s not all. Looking closely at the surface of the monument uncovers the names of thousands of in-game characters (at least, those created before March 1, 2014), including a special mention for those characters whose players have passed away.

Of course, if you’re an EVE fan, it’s kinda difficult to find where exactly your name is on the sculpture, so CCP has set up a super-helpful online tool to do it for you. The Name Finder is technically still in beta mode, but early reports say it’s working just fine.

FanFest 2014 takes place in Harpa, Reykjavik, from May 1-3 – and there’s a busy, busy weekend ahead.

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