EA Sports UFC details Ultimate Fighter career mode

It’s taken a while for EA to start spilling the beans on what’s going on with EA Sports UFC, but now that the publisher’s talking about the game, it doesn’t seem likely to stop. Today’s topic: Career Mode.

So. To put it simply, you’ll create your fighter and then throw them into an in-game adaptation of reality TV series The Ultimate Fighter. As you progress through the tournaments, you’ll be placed on a team coached by a real-world fighter, and train up, earning experience and evolution points so you can upgrade and improve your fighter’s physical skills – kinda like in the real world.

As well as unlocking special abilities, Career Mode also introduces gauges to measure popularity and longevity. Popularity will impact on the attention you’ll receive in-game – the more people like you, the more video messages you’ll get from other fighters, and the more sponsors will try to contact you. Longevity, on the other hand, relies on you fighting smarter (and taking fewer hits to the head), so you’ll be able to stay in the UFC for longer.

EA Sports UFC is headed to the octagon on June 17th for PS4 and Xbox One, and will feature Bruce Lee as an unlockable character.

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