Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes is official

At a gala event today, Agent Coulson himself confirmed a very special mission: Disney Infinity 2.0 is on the way. No surprises for guessing what this Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. was heralding: It’s officially Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes.

Set for launch “this Fall”, we’re promised “entirely new experiences that uniquely match the characters and their amazing qualities.”

Confirmed characters include Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Hulk, starring in stories penned by Brian Michael Bendis. Nick Fury also teased more Marvel characters to be revealed at E3 in six weeks’ time.

We’re promised new modes of character movement/locomotion – including super-jumps, forward flight and a new hover mode. Combat has also (obviously) been beefed up to handle the new, broader audience. There are new character classes – Thor is a brawler, Black Widow is a “ranged melee”, and Hawkeye is pure ranged combat.

A big major change is the new skill tree system – you can pick specific character attributes to improve, whether that’s a combo system or a weapon upgrade.

…and of course there are major enhancements to Toy Box mode – the team admits it might have “missed the mark” a little last year, with Toy Box mode being overly complicated.

A new “brush” system will make building large things – like cities – much easier, it will automatically put buildings, roads, lampposts into the world without you needing to build each one. Little “builders” will rush around like ants in a colony and create everything for you, to make it even more interactive.

Buildings will now also feature interiors, so you can build your own “Home” inside the game, showing off customisations and trophies that you have acquired throughout the game.

Well, are you?

Well, are you?

As part of the presentation, Disney Interactive president James Pitaro confirmed that more than 3 million starter packs had been sold since the game’s launch in mid-2013.

Without giving any specific numbers, Disney Infinity has reportedly “outperformed” the competition in terms of total sales revenue.

Here’s some simple details, direct from John Vignocchi and John Pleasants:

  • Yes, all the figures are compatible with both versions.
  • Every single power disc works from one to the other.
  • All of your saved games and toyboxes will work.
  • Everything from 1 is compatible with 2, right down to the base

The starter pack for Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes comes with “three of Earth’s mightiest heroes” plus one new game piece. Plus there are two more new game pieces that will introduce “Toy Box Games”, including Tower Defense and Dungeon Crawler.

There are 80 new power discs on the way – including costume changes and “team up” mode – as well as the ability to change skies, terrain, and new vehicles (including new two-wheelers).

More content is coming, along with “over a dozen” more characters (including a bunch of Disney-themed ones) – and yes, Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes is headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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