Driveclub revs up for release

That’s right. Sony’s “one time” PS4 launch title, Driveclub, has finally received a definite release date. Sadly, it’s quite a ways off.

Driveclub will be driving onto PS4’s on October 08th 2014. Seems like the game is gonna have some steep competition, as Assassins Creed and Call of Duty often release in and around that timeframe. Still, this ambitious large scale driving sim seems to have enough going on to stand on its own two… uh… drive on it’s own four wheels.

Paul Rustchynsky, known to his pals as Rushy, is on hand to serve as the games director. Ol’ Rushy has plenty of mileage behind him having worked on a variety of WRC titles, the Motorstorm series and most importantly, he served as the director on the exceptionally fun Motorstorm RC.

Check out the trailer above for some additional info about the vastly ambitious (and exceptionally beautiful) next-gen racer from Sony and Evolution Studios.

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