Dark Souls developer From Software acquired by Kadokawa

Major Japanese cross media publisher, Kadokawa, has made public its plans to purchase a majority stake in developer From Software (the masterminds behind the Dark Souls and Armored Core series), effectively making the developer a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kadokawa group.

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2

Kadokawa’s throwing down the cash to buy up 80% of From Software stock, with the deal expecting to go through on May 21, 2014. Once this transaction is finalized From Software will become a Kadokawa subsidiary, where they’ll work alongside Kadokawa Games to develop the company’s games and focus on creating new IP, with a strong emphasis on the expanding markets offered by new gaming platforms and the Western market.

From Software CEO Naotoshi Zin said the acquisition will allow the developer to make “newer and more in depth games” and on a variety of platforms.

The obvious knee-jerk reaction here is “ARRRGGGHHHH!! What’s gonna happen to my Souls games!” or “Pfff! What a bunch of sellouts!”…possibly even a mixture of the two. Thing is though, that there, that thing they did, that’s called business and that’s pretty much how it works in this industry.

I for one am gonna sit back, play some Dark Souls and wait optimistically for the announcement of Armored Core 6…which I’m sure will happen just around the same time that Half Life 3 gets a trailer.

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