First photo from the set of the Warcraft movie

It might not be much, but we’ve been given our first glimpse of the Warcraft movie in action: A photograph of director Duncan Jones working on set.

Duncan Jones, on the set of Warcraft

Duncan Jones, on the set of Warcraft

The picture comes from Empire Magazine (thanks to Dark Horizons), and shows just enough to get fans excited. We don’t know where these actors are standing (well, we do – it’s Vancouver – but that’s not quite what I mean), but there’s a bunch of armour and robes and candles and that’s good enough for us.

We’ve been promised a film adaptation for years now, with Blizzard‘s project surviving director changes, rumoured casting calls and the acquisition of an award-winning VFX team.

With Travis Fimmel now named in a lead role, the Warcraft movie is expected to hit cinemas in March 2016 – the original release date of December 2015 was pushed back due to a little conflict with the next Star Wars movie.

We’re not expecting too much more news from the set for a little while – that is, until BlizzCon in November, which should bring more than a few tasty tidbits of cinema gossip.

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