New life for Pirates of the Caribbean Online

When Pirates of the Caribbean Online sailed into the sunset back in September 2013, gamers thought that was the last they’d see of Disney’s seafaring adventure. However, thanks to an intrepid group of die-hard fans, that’s no longer the case.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Pirates Online Rewritten is a fan-made project that takes the original assets from Pirates of the Caribbean Online and recreates the popular MMO – with improvements.

As spotted by AlphaBetaGamer, the developers have Disney‘s blessing for this all, too. The new game is 100% free to play and strictly non-profit oriented. Partly, that’s due to the Disney legal arrangement – basically, “you can use our stuff, but you can’t charge for it” – but the other side of the coin is that Pirates Online Rewritten is in the hands of passionate developers who are creating something because they love it, not because they’ve got dollar signs in their eyes.

The best news about all of this? We don’t have long to wait for it. We’ve been given a launch window of June-November 2014, but you can sign up for the Aaaarlpha and you’ll be first on the boat.

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