Driveclub promises updates "soon"

It’s been (quite) a while since we’ve heard anything positive from the Driveclub camp, but developer Evolution Studios says that’s all about to change.

It’s been a bumpy ride for Driveclub recently – the game was originally named as a day one launch title for the PS4, before being pushed back to 2014. Since then, Evolution Studios has endured staff layoffs and the departure of the game’s director.

Looking forward, a Sony representative says:

We have full confidence that the game will deliver on its PS4 promise to be the first truly socially connected racing title and we are very pleased and excited by the calibre of work from Evolution Studios.

We’re promised full game details, brand new videos and an official release date “in the weeks to come“.

We are going to bring you up to speed with a full Driveclub update soon, because we are immensely proud of how the game is developing and we’re confident you’ll see why when we show you more.

Of course, it’s worth noting that E3 is also happening “in the weeks to come” (six, to be precise), so it seems fair to say that Driveclub will (again) be a big part of that show.

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