First Look: New trailer for H1Z1 brings the undead

Sony‘s interpretation of the undead lurches ever-forward, with the release of the first official trailer for H1Z1, titled simply “Will You Survive the Night?”.

So, um. There you go. Lots of zombies. There’s so much that video doesn’t tell you, though. Remember, this is a persistent, online, desolate world. Resources are scarce and easily damaged (that includes weapons and vehicles). H1Z1 shifts the focus back to survival, rather than taking out the enemy in a blaze of gunfire.

H1Z1 is headed to both PS4 and PC a little later this year, and we’re expecting plenty more details to be shown off before then. In the meantime, though, everything there is to know about the game is being slowly revealed in the H1Z1 subreddit, where Sony‘s John Smedley is answering a stack of your questions.

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