Ground Zeroes DLC goes multiplatform

Are you an Xbox owner saddened that you can’t relive Solid Snakes glory days? Maybe you’re a Playstation gamer who is jealous that Raiden gets to parade around Camp Omega in cybernetic high heels in the Xbox Exclusive Jamais Vu mission. What ever side of this you’re on, there’s good news. A free update is coming to Ground Zeroes on the first of May, which will allow you to play the previously format-exclusive DLC missions Deja Vu and Jamais Vu.

Raiden comes to Playstation while Classic Snake makes the jump to Xbox.

Raiden comes to Playstation while Classic Snake makes the jump to Xbox.

Considering the brevity of Ground Zeroes, this additional content is a welcome surprise for gamers, many of whom originally predicted the format-exclusive content would eventually become paid DLC. Konami’s decision to release the missions as a free update may have come in part because of the backlash from the internet’s vocal minority, regarding the games running time.

Still, whatever the reason for it, more content is never bad. Having played both missions, I can safely say that Xbox owners are getting the better deal here as the Deja Vu mission is one of the greatest nostalgia trips of all time. In saying that, Jamais Vu has it’s own B-Movie charm and will give Playstation owners even more to do in Camp Omega’s virtual playground.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes released at the end of March on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 to a mixed reaction from gamers and critics.

You can read my thoughts on the games controversy here on the site.

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